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Sosialisasi Edukasi Damai : Kenalin “PBNU”

Tanggung jawab dalam membendung gerakan perongrong NKRI semakin kompleks. Duta Damai BNPT Regional Lampung pada awal tahun baru 2024 langsung tancap gas mengadakan Sosialisasi Edukasi Damai untuk menyampaikan Pendidikan Anti Radikalisme. Sosialisasi Edukasi Damai kali ini bertemakan “Kenalin PBNU”. Hadir lebih 200 peserta MAKESTA Pelajar NU memadati gedung pertemuan dan khusyuk menerima materi Anti-Radikalisme. PBNU …

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Starting to be Financially 3rd party

Becoming monetarily independent requires long-term preparing and experience. This includes understanding your earnings, expenses, way of living, and potential goals. Major steps toward financial self-reliance is to spend less than you earn. You can do this by making a low cost. This involves calculating your income, deducting your bills, and deciding what percentage of these …

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Digital News and Time Administration

As digital advertising outlets have got expanded, time management in newsrooms is now more of a concern. Instead of spending some time confirming reviews from the discipline, reporters and editors take more time developing content material and researching tools. Absence of self-reliance has injured journalists’ believability. In addition , delegating editorial decisions to product managers …

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